Company Controlling CNN Debuts New Show Promoting and Sexualizing Teen Drag Queens

The Discovery media company acquired CNN and its parent company WarnerMedia in a spin-off merger with AT&T this month. One of the primary goals Discovery says it has for this merger is to re-establish CNN as a credible news agency. Yet a new Discovery project casts doubt on that objective.

This week, the Discovery streaming service announced a new series called Generation Drag which follows five teens on their journey onto the drag queen stage.

"I discovered drag on 13," one of the male subjects of the show says.

“This is me, and you better like it,” another boy in a prink dress says.

The program also normalizes children and teens "transitioning" from one gender to another. Here's the trailer promoting young children wearing revealing lingerie and makeup:

That's the upcoming series created and produced by the company now in charge of CNN.

Good to see Discovery trying to follow in the footsteps of Cuties on Netflix, another perverted show that sexualizes minors. Seems like a trend among media companies.

At this point, we no longer believe Discovery CEO David Zasla when he says that he and CNN president Chris Licht will dial back the network’s “red-hot liberal opining” and restore CNN’s reputation as a respectable news organization.

It appears CNN will be even worse under Discovery. Sexualizing children and promoting sex "reassignment" surgery for them, which studies say demoralizes them later in life, is further Left than even old CNN would go under Jeff Zucker.

The six-episode Generation Drag will air in June on Discovery+, unless Discovery folds that service into HBO Max this summer.

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