Collapsing Young Adults And The Suppression Of Covid Curiosity: Bobby Burack

Friday, Dr. Anthony Fauci smugly dismissed questions about a possible correlation between the Covid-19 vaccine and a rise in athletes who have peculiarly collapsed. Fauci called the discussion unacceptable in an interview with CBS host Major Garrett.

"Isn't horrifying?" lead Garrett.

"It is horrifying," responded Fauci.

The epitome of splendid journalism, no doubt.

The segment references the curiosity following Bills safety Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest on the football field last Monday. While Hamlin appeared to experience a hit to the chest, resulting in what various medical experts believe was a condition called commotio cordis, there's a growing list of young, healthy athletes to have recently collapsed and/or suffered irregular health occurrences under unusual circumstances.

It's happening quite often in European soccer. A female NCAA player from Georgia collapsed on the court during a basketball game last week. A 17-year-old Wyoming basketball player died suddenly on December 26. Air Force offensive lineman Hunter Brown, 21, collapsed and died walking to class on Monday. And rising MMA star Victoria Lee also died at age 18 in December with the cause of death unknown.

Perhaps these events are unrelated, anecdotes, mere coincidences. But it's conspicuous to see such a trend follow a two-year period in which organizations pressured individuals to receive a novel vaccine known to cause young people myocarditis, the inflammation of the heart muscle.

The latter prompted a few notable figures, including Tucker Carlson and cardiologist Peter McCullough, to ask the appropriate questions a week ago.

Why is that happening? What possibilities exist to explain the trend? Could the vaccine be responsible?

Unfortunately, Fauci and obedient journalists prefer we not ask said questions.

The Independent declared Tucker Carlson's questioning "anti-vaccine misinformation." The Atlantic belittled anyone connecting the dots as an "anti-vaxxer." Further, Vanity Fair referred to suspicions as right-wing "conspiracies."

Questions are a form of "disinformation," warns the press.

But there's clearly something going on. Young adults are collapsing and dropping dead at rates higher than previous.

That is a fact. And it's ominous.

Official provisional mortality statistics from the CDC show a rise in "major cardiovascular diseases" among persons ages 15 to 39. The numbers heightened in 2021, when most subjects received the Covid-19 vaccine, by choice or force.

Specifically, McCullough cited a separate Chiu et al study on ECG changes in which 17.1% of student respondents experienced cardiovascular symptoms after a second dose of mRNA:

Now, these studies do not prove the vaccine responsible for the increase in young individuals experiencing heart irregularities. The data found a smaller uptick in 2020, a year in which only nurses and the vulnerable received the jab.

So perhaps the increase is a reaction to lasting Covid symptoms. Or opioid use. Or the escalation of pharmaceutical treatment for depression and anxiety.

At this point, we don't know. No one knows.

That includes Dr. Fauci. And perhaps he could quickly debunk these findings. However, he'd prefer to avoid the discussion entirely.

Fauci and experts alike have no interest in finding the root cause for what's certainly a growing threat to the state of the nation. They'd rather disparage those who want to know.

Why is that? What are they hiding? Are we allowed to ask that?

Rather than exploring each possibility, the experts are again dismissing curiosity as a conspiracy.

"Here is yet another conspiracy, complete nonsense," Dr. Fauci elaborated to CBS on the topic.

The same groups labeling Carlson and McCullough as right-wing kooks possess a track record hardly promising.

Loyal media outlets similarly demanded the public shut up, get in line, and accept the assertion that the virus originated naturally from some exotic wet market in China.

Of course, that's no longer probable. The World Health Organization Director-General admitted so himself, privately stating he believes the pandemic originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

Social media companies punished purported disinformationists for questioning Fauci's proclamations that the vaccine would prevent infection, hospitalization, and death -- all of which he incorrectly asserted.

Likewise, dutiful media outlets labeled Alex Berenson as a dangerous "conspiracy theorist" for comparing mRNA vaccines to a therapeutic, the precursor to the Biden administration ordering Twitter to delete his account.

Two years later, Berenson's definition of the vaccines became the latest conspiracy turned reality, topping an extensive list.

Yet despite misleading the public for three years, Fauci and the lackeys continue to preach as if they know better. They hold themselves up as heroes, as if they remain authorities on any matter of substance.

Here they are again suppressing the free flow of conversation by persecuting the reasonably curious. 

The suppression of curiosity is an indictment of no two trades more than science and journalism. Curiosity is the core of both fields. No question shall be prohibited.

An "expert" cannot uncover the truth without proper skepticism, doubt, and questioning. A journalist's chief role in society is to hold those in power accountable, to ask unanswered questions.

Questions lead to information. Thereby censoring questioning is censoring information.

But throughout the pandemic, Fauci and his ilk babbled dubiously about the prominence of the vaccine to no pushback from the press. 

Dismissing questions as wrongthink is the foundation of a propagandistic society, one in which the power shift tilts away from the general public.

Perhaps that's how Fauci can best keep sealed his involvement in gain-of-function-research, the likely origin of the pandemic.

Experts and journalists seeking facts would welcome all forms of doubt. They’d show fascination with the increase in young individuals suffering from unprecedented heart troubles. They’d prioritize finding a means to prevent further escalation. They'd dismiss no possibility until the truth is present.

Unfortunately, they are taking no such measures. They are not fielding questions or considering blind spots in their analysis. Instead, they elect to preserve power by browbeating anyone who dares to wonder aloud if the admission of widespread mandates of a rushed vaccine were of proper practice.

The pandemic presented a series of unknowns. Answers were scarce. As was information. A historical period as such calls for increased skepticism, questioning, and accountability.

Yet precisely the opposite occurred. The pandemic empowered politicians, experts, and pharmaceutical companies. And the country as a whole succumbed like a sheep and followed in unison -- leading to overt government overreach. 

An obvious problem exists amongst young adults, be it the vaccine or another cause. But instead of searching for the root, there's a concerted effort to belittle the small group of people asking the science to rule out a possible source of cardiovascular symptoms.

That doesn't describe science. That describes a means to intercept the spread of inconvenient information, to deter discourse.

That describes an "expert" wing reluctant to seek the truth, one fearful of what the facts would reveal about their insistence on mandates of an experimental vaccine.

It's "horrifying," to use Dr. Fauci's terminology.

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Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics.. Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.