CNN's Don Lemon is Losing Friends; Compares Them to Drug Addicts

Before the clock turned 10 p.m. and Don Lemon had his nightly ratings crushed by Laura Ingraham and Lawrence O'Donnell, he got personal. Lemon revealed he had to cut out many of his friends, whom he loves, because they are like "addicts who “have to hit rock bottom.”

What problems might you ask? They might vote for President Donald Trump. This "addiction" is enough for the primetime host to turn his back on them and never return.

Check Lemon out in action, if you haven't in many years:

What a fraud.

“I had to get rid of a lot of people in my life because sometimes you just have to let them go,” Lemon told Chris "Primetime" Cuomo. “I think that they have to hit rock bottom, like an addict, right? And they have to want to get help.

“They have to want to know the truth. They have to want to live in reality. They have to want to be responsible, not only for other people’s lives, but for their lives.”

Lemon adds he may never be able to be friends with the sick humans again because they are “too far gone.” 

Let that sit for a bit.

In all seriousness, is there a bigger hating partisan on TV than Don Lemon? 

Imagine what type of human you have to be to stop liking someone because of how they vote? Let alone comparing them to drug addicts. It's sick.

I've long been fascinated by politics and, as a result, have strong opinions on topics and candidates. But I've never disliked people because they disagreed with me or planned to vote for a different candidate. 

Don Lemon, to use his words, has hit rock bottom.

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