CNN Says It Banned Chris Cuomo From Talking About Brother Cuomo Amid Nursing Home Cover-Up

Well, this is convenient.

CNN says it has reinstated a "rule" that prevents primetime host Chris Cuomo from interviewing or covering his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Hmm, great timing. Just as Big Brother Cuomo's administration admits covering up the number of nursing home deaths in New York, the younger CNN Cuomo, has been told to steer clear of his brother's political woes, according to the Washington Post.

To be clear, I do not have a problem with CNN telling Cuomo to avoid covering his brother. It's not reasonable to expect a host to cover a sibling in office objectively. I would say the same if the siblings of Tucker Carlson, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, or Greg Kelly held similar positions as Andrew Cuomo. However, CNN hasn't done that in the past. Instead, CNN picks and chooses when to enforce the Little Brother covering Big Brother rule.

Last spring, CNN proudly lifted the ban, allowing the weight-lifting Cuomo to interview his brother more than 10 times on-air. The impact was undoubtedly substantial, humanizing the governor — the "Love Gov," to be exact — in a way few politicians have the opportunity to be.

Look at this hard-hitting journalism:

CNN opened that door then slammed it shut when Andrew Cuomo's scandal emerged. CNN looks particularly bad as it wouldn't clarify to the New York Post when it reinstated Chris Cuomo's ban. The lack of transparency indicates the rule re-emerged recently. Was it on the same night The Post reported that Cuomo withheld information on nursing home deaths? Who knows.

Also, Chris Cuomo still hasn't addressed the other scandal: the one that claims he lifts fake weights in his home gym. I'll let that go for now but will soon revisit when the timing is right.

Never change, CNN, Big Brother Cuomo, and Little Brother Cuomo.

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