CNN Publishes Article Sponsored By Chinese State Media

CNN is back in the news, this time, for publishing an article sponsored by the Chinese state media company Xinhua News to propagate the Beijing Olympics.

The sponsored article, which is essentially an ad, is entitled “A Winter Sporting Event like No Other” and promotes China's efforts to make the games environmentally friendly. Take a look:

The sponsored piece claims that “the most anticipated winter sports event” has “become even greener,” thanks to China's use of “several technologies” that will make it a “carbon-neutral event.”

The ad reads like a press release. It goes on to praise China for limiting the spread of COVID-19 with its “strict protocols" and closed-loop system," but makes no mention of the fact that China created the virus, then sent it off to the world. In case you were curious.

“Spectators will be allowed to only clap to support athletes, while event personnel and support staff cannot leave games venues for any social reason,” the article says.

CNN even includes a link to Xinhua’s official website, which promotes more pro-Chinese propaganda.

Since the start of the Olympics, CNN's most influential voice, Jake Tapper, has drawn attention to China's human rights violations, such as genocide against the Uyghurs and the oppression of the Tibetan people. So if Tapper feels as strongly about these human rights violations as he says he does, he should call out his own network for taking money to spread this filth online.

How much did China pay CNN to run this ad? The New York Post asked the network, but it did not respond.


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