Clay Travis: Unvaxxed Workers Paid The Price For NYC's Arbitrary COVID Laws

New York City's high-handed COVID rules are nearly at an end, but workers that lost their jobs over vaccine passports are still paying the price.

OutKick founder Clay Travis discussed the ramifications of the city's stringent COVID program, which took another step toward extinction after NYC Mayor Eric Adams lifted a ruling prohibiting NY athletes — including Mets and Yankees players, and Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving — from playing at home games.

After months of defiance, Irving will finally be allowed to play at Nets home games.

"Kyrie Irving wins. Congratulations to Kyrie Irving. He stuck to his guns," Clay Travis said on Thursday's OutKick the Show.

"He refused to go get a COVID shot that was unnecessary, unlikely to protect him in any kind of significant fashion. Or offer any health benefit of any kind of nature at all, given that he's young and healthy."

While the sports media lashed out at Irving for his unvaxxed status, rational supporters praised the NBA All-Star for risking his career over a personal health choice.

"Good for him because he won in this battle."

Though the mandate is lifted for performers and athletes, as relayed by OutKick's Meg Turner, in-person workers in New York are still facing the effects of vaccine restrictions.

"These are still incredibly unfair rules who still exist for people that lost their jobs," Clay noted.

An estimated 1,400 unvaccinated workers lost their jobs following NY's push to bump vaccination rates, with a sect of the population still unemployable.

"NYC has ended this absurdity for unvaccinated athletes and entertainers. That mandate needs to be eliminated for everybody and everyone who got fired over it needs to be rehired and receive back pay."

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