Clay Travis: Sports Media is More Biased than Political Media

ESPN interrupted a college basketball game twice on Friday to denounce Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, known as “Don’t Say Gay.” Notably, Elle Duncan called the bill a "threat."

In other words, an ESPN host stopped a live basketball game to complain that teachers can no longer discuss sex with 6-year-olds. Sort of creepy, no?

Clay Travis and Buck Sexton discussed this topic on radio Monday:

CLAY: I’ve been arguing for a long time that the sports media is even more biased than the political media, which coming out of this Hunter Biden discussion that we’re having, this one is even crazier to think about. So ESPN is not covering the transgender swimmer story, which happened all this week and through the weekend. A 6’4″ man, Will Thomas, decided to become a woman and change his name to Lia Thomas, and won the 500 swim competition over every other woman in college athletics.

ESPN, Buck, just pretended this story basically didn’t exist, because they don’t know how to cover it because it threatens the very essence of women’s sports. What they did cover, they had the women’s NCAA tournament on. And they decided that they were going to take a stand against the “don’t say gay” bill, even though the bill in Florida that we talked about doesn’t actually say gay in any way.

This occurred on ESPN. They had a moment of protest. I want you to listen to this. This is nothing to do with the world of sports at all, Buck. This is a next-level crazy move by ESPN, which has gone full-on woke insanity. This is MS-ESPN. Listen to this:

CLAY: How crazy that is. I could see your face as you’re listening. This is ESPN! This is a sports network. That was not some, like, somebody’s Instagram. If you’re watching the women’s college basketball tournament on ESPN, that’s what you suddenly heard, and then they paused programming.

BUCK: This has an almost Soviet feel where you’re watching sports and they break in they give you some kind of political propaganda message in the middle of it.

CLAY: It’s weird.

BUCK: It’s bizarre. You always tell me this, because you come from a sports world background, that it’s more woke and political than political media. And I think about this. Who in the sports media will say that? A lot of people… We have friends at Fox and the Daily Wire and The Blaze and all over that all agree with us that the trans-athlete competition thing is just flatly absurd, insane and wrong.

Another thing about it. I like the woman who didn’t make it to the NCAA finals came out and said, “Lia Thomas stole my spot,” because that’s the truth. Lia Thomas stole her spot. This should never have happened. In the sports media, you would think there would be some voice.

CLAY: It’s OutKick. It’s OutKick and that’s it. Nobody else will even cover it.

I explained in a column earlier today that Twitter is the reason sports media is, in fact, more biased than political media. Twitter is misleading ESPN, it convinced the network that Florida’s bill is transphobic. Wrong.

The so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill requires that teachers don’t discuss sexual orientation and gender identity with children in third grade and younger. That’s it.

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