Clay Travis: MSESPN Gonna MSESPN, Y’all

On Tuesday, ESPN decided to do a new story about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and the "noose" discovered in his garage a year ago. That's because the FBI found that Wallace was, in fact, not the victim of a hate crime.

But you never would have known any of this if you'd only followed ESPN's Twitter account -- which seemingly misrepresented what the story on its own website was even about. All of this was pointed out by OutKick founder Clay Travis.

"I mean your own site’s reporting proves this Tweet is bullshit," Clay tweeted. "MSESPN gonna MSESPN, y’all."

ESPN has made a habit of lying and misrepresenting stories to fit its preferred narrative. It has also curiously ignored others that do not fall under Disney's far-left umbrella. (China, anyone?) Disney, of course, owns ESPN and ABC.

OutKick's Bobby Burack covered the Wallace lie at great length earlier Tuesday, showing that this particular fib was just one example of an ongoing issue at the self-proclaimed Worldwide Leader of Sports.

"ESPN even admitted it wasn’t a noose in June 2020 with a report headlined, 'FBI says rope had been in Talladega garage since October; Bubba Wallace not victim of hate crime,'" Burack wrote. "So ESPN lied on Tuesday, hoping its viewers had forgotten about the story’s outcome."

What's next, ESPN covering the Jussie Smollett fiasco to paint him as a victim as well?