Clay Travis: Dr. Fauci's Back, And Worse Than Ever

Dr. Anthony Fauci is back on the silver screen and ready to see the nation masked again.

Appearing on network interviews after a hiatus, Dr. Fauci has returned to promote renewed COVID restrictions as a more virulent strain of COVID is announced.

Though the data has been transparent with the efficacy of restrictions and waning severity of the variants, Fauci thinks it may be time to embrace mask-wearing once again.

OutKick founder Clay Travis called out Fauci's latest appearance on ABC after the epidemiologist vouched for indefinite restrictions.

"They let Fauci back on national TV, and he immediately prepared everyone for the return of masks, which don't work at all," Clay said, "This guy needs to be fired, worst public health 'expert' of our lives."

Days before his weekend spot on ABC, Fauci joined PBS to state his claim for outdated COVID restrictions — two years since the illness first arrived.

"But we will have to remain and wait and see," Fauci said to PBS' Judy Woodruff. "Remember, the CDC said that pulling back on the metrics and letting there be more openness with regard to masking, we need to be ready, if necessary, to pivot back and maybe pull in a little bit more of the masking, if, in fact, we start getting a surge."

Fauci's critics have called out the doctor for his rigid stance on retaining COVID restrictions and connection to gain-of-function research in Wuhan.

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