Clay Travis: Democrats Are Growing Tired Of Covering Up For President Biden's Flops

As in-party quarreling halts the Democrats' new proposal to alter American democracy by eradicating the filibuster, President Joe Biden looks over his party members, wondering why they're all staring at him for an answer.

With those same members praising Joe's bid for president in 2020, buyer's remorse is spreading faster than COVID among Dems now that they realize the product on the field isn't delivering.

OutKick founder Clay Travis discussed Biden's role in the filibuster split on "The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show."

"He was gonna rush in, the vaccine was out there, he was gonna stamp out COVID, he was gonna be giving people money, and people were gonna be ecstatic about the regime in the first year," Clay said. "Both of those things, by the way, big gambles, total failure."

As Clay points out, President Biden is falling way short of his campaign's promises and, as a result, may turn him into the political party's scapegoat as they realize he's more schmoe than Joe.

"I believe what's going to happen in the wake of this failure in the Senate over voting rights and the filibuster modification is we are going to see a demand for somebody to be responsible," Clay notes. "For there to be a proverbial head on the spike. This is the guy who's responsible for it. This is why everything went wrong. Here is the responsible party; we're firing him and we're now embarking on a new destination."

Unfortunately for the Dems, and the United States, President Joe lacks the necessary aim or arrows in his cognitive quiver to ever hit the target.

"The problem for Joe Biden: I don't know that he's mentally capable enough to go out and find new advisors who are going to lead him in a better direction. I think he's basically stuck with what he's got."


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