Clay: Rachel Nichols Has A Pretty Good Lawsuit On Her Hands If She So Chooses

How favorable would a lawsuit be if ESPN personality Rachel Nichols decided to file one over the whole Maria Taylor drama? Pretty favorable, according to OutKick founder Clay Travis.

"If you think about it, she was recorded without her knowledge in her hotel room, and someone at ESPN -- maybe multiple people -- then grabbed that audio of what she said and sent it out," Clay says. "And by the way, this is pretty funny, if you ever wondered how obsolescent Deadspin has become, they got this tape over a year ago and chose not to report on it, because they said it wasn't newsworthy."

Either way, if Nichols is correct in what she said, she would be able to sue ESPN for violating the terms of her contract, Clay noted.

"I also think that she would have a tort-related lawsuit based on the taping of this conversation and its dissemination ... that would have clearly done injury to Rachel Nichols' employment prospects," Clay added.

For his full detailed take on this madness, check out the video below.