Clay and Buck: Dems’ Answer For Rising Gas Prices Forces Americans To Pay MORE

The Biden administration's mistakes are costing the American people, according to OutKick founder Clay Travis.

"Just buy a new car, Buck. That's all that you have to do," Clay said, chatting with Buck Sexton on Friday's episode of "The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show."

Clay and Buck discussed the Democrats' plan to combat the nation's threatened gas supply and rising prices.

"Just buy an $80,000 electric vehicle, the fact that you already a car and that you already have to fill it up with gas," Clay added.


Clay addressed how the United States' own secretary of transportation supports this logic to answer the gasoline crisis.

"All you have to do, according to Mayor Pete, is sell that vehicle and buy an $80,000 car," Clay added.

"Why don't the homeless people just go buy houses too? ... What an idiot this guy is!"

Buck added, "If you can't get a full-on EV, go get yourself a nice golf cart. Walk a little bit more."

He asked, "Where do they think that the electricity comes from for these things?"

"It's not a windmill in Mayor Pete's backyard, I can assure you. It's not wind turbines all along the coast that are juicing up your vehicle."

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