Chris Cuomo Has Had Talks with NewsNation About Return to TV

​​Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has had talks with the cable news network NewsNation about a return to television, four sources tell OutKick.

Sources specify that a deal is not finalized and that Cuomo is exploring other options if a deal does not materialize.

Cuomo teased a return last week on Instagram with the phrase "something's coming…Summer '22." 

Cuomo has recently posted photos from Ukraine on his Instagram page, which NewsNation shared on television.

NewsNation President Michael Corn is leading the push to sign Cuomo, sources say. Corn was a producer at ABC when Cuomo was a host.

However, several potential roadblocks could prevent NewsNation from signing Cuomo, including approval from parent company Nexstar Media Group.

While Cuomo would give NewsNation name recognition, he also comes with negative perception.

Last December, CNN terminated Cuomo after learning the extent to which he aided his brother, then New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), in handling allegations of sexual misconduct. In addition, Chris Cuomo faced sexual misconduct complaints himself.

Chris Cuomo has denied the sexual allegations levied against him.

Aside from what happened at CNN, Cuomo's style contradicts the strategy at NewsNation. The network brands its programming as "unbiased" national newscasts that are alternatives to the opinion programming on the other cable news networks.

Cuomo is more showman than news anchor.

The counter is that NewsNation could offset the move by subsequently signing a personality with a background in conservative media.

And Cuomo might be worth it. He is a talented television host and would increase the buzz coming out of NewsNation.

Though it's early, the ratings at NewsNation remain minuscule. Here are the viewership averages for all four cable news networks on Wednesday:

People familiar with the matter say a potential time slot for Cuomo is unclear. NewsNation is unlikely to put Cuomo at 9 pm, his former time slot at CNN, after recently moving Abrams there.

The primetime lineup at NewsNation currently consists of NewsNation Prime With Marni Hughes at 8 pm, Dan Abrams Live at 9, and Banfield at 10.

NewsNation told OutKick that it would not comment on its conversations with Chris Cuomo or other unsigned talents.

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