Chris Cuomo Didn't Get Ripped By Jerking Himself Off

Select writers will make charts to show why the U.S. media is the least trustworthy in the world, according to a Reuters Institute survey encompassing 46 countries. Meanwhile, I'll sum it up in one photo:

There you have it. People like that, who have primetime shows, are why our media has taken after Brian Williams.

I have a lot of questions.

First, why is a highly-paid cable news host tweeting at Legalize_LSD1, an account created this month with fewer than 20 followers?


Second, why is Andrew Cuomo's brother responding to someone asking him about jerking himself off?

It's my job to ask the questions, not provide the answers. Plus, I don't have an answer to provide.

Third, how many 50-year-old men tweet pictures of their arms to their Twitter followers? The number must be small.

Fourth, now that OnlyFans says it may pivot away from straight porn, could OnlyFans be next for Chris Cuomo?

I would ask about the following photo as well, but I've been asking about it for months. Still no answer.

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