CAA Buying Rival Talent Agency ICM Partners

In major behind-the-scenes media, sports, and entertainment news, the talent agency CAA is buying its rival ICM Partners. Dylan Byers said CAA will announce the move later today.

CAA and ICM are two of the four major agencies, along with WME and UTA.

Notably, CAA was the home to sports broadcasting agent Nick Khan, who left the agency last year for WWE. CAA represents George Stephanopoulos, Mike Greenberg, Adam Schefter, Adrian Wojnarowski, Tony Romo, and Joe Buck. Meanwhile, ICM handles business for Paul Finebaum, Collen Wolfe, Rachel Bonnetta, and Ariel Helwani.

Agents at CAA include Matt Kramer, Tom Young, David Koonin, and Kevin Belbey. Ted Chervin, Lou Oppenheim, and Kristin Bredes LaFemina are some of ICM's broadcast agents.

The new combined company will be called CAA.

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