Burack: To Participate In The Conversation, You Must Let Twitter Control Your Mind

Twitter is cracking down on the truth.

So far this week, Twitter has sent the Babylon Bee and radio host Charlie Kirk into social media purgatory to mull over their thoughtcrimes. What did they do? Both the Bee and Kirk tweeted that Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine is a male. Because he is.

But social media users can no longer call a biological man a man. Just ask Tucker Carlson, whom Twitter censored after he came to the defense of the Bee and Kirk.

"But wait. Both these tweets are true."

According to the faceless lackeys at Twitter, these seven words are "hateful."

While Twitter is a bit of an echo chamber -- its reach is not as extensive as, say, Facebook's -- it wields significant power. Twitter controls the flow of information. Twitter decides what journalists can print and what they can share, making Twitter the de facto editor of every publication in America.

Thanks to the New York Times' slick confirmation team, we can now say for certain that Twitter suppressed the story about Hunter Biden's laptop in the weeks before the 2020 election. Twitter decision-makers hid the story that proved indisputably that Hunter and his father Joe, our current president, are corrupt.

In this way, Twitter actually seized control of the 2020 election away from the electorate. At least one in six Biden voters say that they would have changed their vote if they had seen the Hunter Biden laptop story before the election.

But now that Biden is in office and will remain there for at least a few more years, it's safe to acknowledge the Biden family's corruption. Democrats probably won't allow him to run for reelection anyway, so there's no harm in letting the cat -- or the "Big Guy" -- out of the bag now.

No harm for Big Tech leaders, especially. They got what they wanted. Trump is no longer president. But meanwhile, the American people, and indeed, the entire world, have been harmed. Unelected tech executives circumvented the bounds of a free and fair election and installed the man they preferred instead.

And they didn't stop with the election.

Twitter has memoryholed -- temporarily or permanently suspended -- major accounts, including those of President Donald Trump, Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, writer Alex Berenson, investigative journalist James O’Keefe and his organization Project Veritas, investigative journalist Laura Loomer, Dr. Robert Malone, cartoonist Ben Garrison, and other major conservative figures, including Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Bronze Age Pervert, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Ricky Vaughn, and Alex Jones.

Don’t worry though, Louis Farrakhan, Antifa, and untold numbers of child sex traffickers still have accounts that you can follow.

So there's no denying that Twitter is more than just a place to blow off steam or to troll fellow users. Twitter is prohibiting the exercise of speech and changing the fate of the free world. And no one is doing anything about any of it.

Perhaps no one can. We've heard a lot about oligarchs over the past month. Unlike the word "woman," no one has redefined "oligarch" yet. As of publication, an oligarch is still a "very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence." In Russia, that may mean gangsters with yachts. Here in America, the word refers to an exclusive group of tech leaders. Outside of a few politicians and bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci, no one has more power than Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Parag, like Jack Dorsey before him, and Zuckerberg have almost no checks and balances. They have no term limits, so they can rule as long as they prefer, as ruthlessly as they'd like.

Even our laws are written in their favor. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act was supposed to allow social media platforms to permit broad conversations but prohibit or at least contain actual violence.

The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro discussed how Big Tech has abused this power in a conversation with OutKick last fall.

"There's a catch-all provision of Section 230 that says something like, 'these platforms can remove pornographic or criminally violent material or anything otherwise objectionable,' Shapiro explains.

Twitter has exploited the "otherwise objectionable" section of the law, so that now, calling a man a man is on par with doxing a private individual. Social media leaders know they can sidestep this provision so long as they keep their friends in Washington satisfied.

Shapiro goes on: "Democrats have basically told tech companies that they are going to allow them to have this immunity, but only if they police content to the exact extent in which they want, which is precisely the opposite of why Section 230 was established in the first place."

That'd make Twitter essentially a state-run media aggregator with the power to decide what is and is not news. And now with the revelations regarding Hunter's laptop, it's hard to see Twitter any other way.

Twitter certainly suppresses honest reporting and viewpoints and then amplifies whatever dishonest social causes it chooses. So we now have #WhatIsAWoman, #MaskUp, #StandWithUkrain and #BLM as the campaigns that Twitter makes sure you see day after day after day. You best get using these hashtags.

With enough retweets and likes, social media can make any stance -- even the idea that men can magically become women -- prevailing wisdom. Social media is attempting to supersede objective truth. And it's doing so on purpose.

Twitter wants the power to control what you think, but the only way to do that is to establish its own version of the truth. Twitter execs and Democrats know exactly what a woman is -- it was half the reason why Joe Biden selected Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court in the first place. But they tell you that defining a word as obvious as woman is beyond your capacity so that you begin to doubt what you know to be true. You begin to doubt your own mind.

This group doesn't have empathy for members of the LGBTQIA+-%!? community, they are using them to instill confusion online. As long as there is objective truth upon which all people agree, then we maintain the ability to make observations about the world and to draw our own conclusions. But if Big Tech, the media, and politicians can separate us from objective truth, to doubt what we know and believe, then they have the power to overtake our thoughts. When we no longer control our own thoughts, we become frightened, and we then turn to our government to tell us what to think and when to think it.

In other countries, such as China and North Korea, citizens have access only to the preferred viewpoints of their overlords. Those who dare to challenge the system are either swiftly removed from their communities or forced to silence.

Twitter very much wants to rule like these communists. It doesn't want to encourage the free exchange of ideas. It wants to erase all traces of individual curiosity and turn people, instead, into mortal versions of AI, mind-numbed robots that simply process data but never evaluate it. 

Have questions? Twitter has all of the answers you need. Should you insist on thinking for yourself, Twitter will just have to put you in time out until you come to your senses.

Though it originally pitched itself as a platform of discourse and ideas, Twitter -- and its other Big Tech counterparts -- has since declared itself the arbiter of truth. Sure, you can join the Twitter conversation any time you like. All you have to do is repeat exactly what Twitter tells you to say.

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Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics.. Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.