'Bum' Hub Arkush Voted Cooper Kupp MVP Over Aaron Rodgers

Some NFL MVP voter called Hub Arkush announced in January that he would not vote for Aaron Rodgers, no matter what. Arkush called Rodgers “the biggest jerk in the league” and a “bad guy."

Arkush was true to his word. Tuesday, Arkush revealed on 670 The Score in Chicago that he voted Cooper Kupp for regular season MVP.

Kupp is the best wide receiver in the NFL -- there's no doubt about that after Sunday -- yet there's a reason Arkush was Kupp's only voter: Kupp didn't deserve the MVP award.

Rodgers, who ultimately won the award, was so clearly the MVP that the rest of the voting committee should be ashamed Arkush has any say in the award.

Arkush can call Rodgers a bad guy and a bad teammate, but he's not fooling anyone. This guy disqualified Rodgers from MVP contention because Rodgers isn't vaccinated against COVID-19

As Rodgers said, Arkush is a "bum":

Several other woke voters on the committee would have preferred to vote against Rodgers. However, even people like Peter King couldn't deny Rodgers the award this season.

Hub Arkush is the worst of a very unimpressive, status-obsessed group of sportswriters.

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