Bobby Burack, Dan Dakich Talk College Grads vs. Blue-Collar Workers, Stay At Home Wives, Term 'Racist'

I joined Dan Dakich's Don't @ Me program today on the OutKick digital channels.

During the discussion, I defended Cam Newton for saying that he wants his woman to learn how to cook and let her man work:

Dakich and I agreed that while society sells college as a must, it's not. Blue-collar workers, not gender studies majors, are in-demand.

"Trucking companies don’t promote and demote you based on your skin color either. Those jobs do still exist."

We also discussed the following:

-- "Don't Say Gay."

-- How nutty Keith Olbermann is.

-- Not letting Twitter mislead you.

-- How I handle angry tweets.

-- Why no one watches CNN+.

-- The fading meaning of the word "racist."

Listen and watch the full conversation below:


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