Bills Go After Stephen A. Smith On Twitter Regarding Opinion On Allen-Diggs

While it's Stephen A. Smith's job to make predictions and come up with takes on things in sports, one downfall of that is when he's wrong, it could come back to haunt him.

That's exactly what took place Saturday after the Buffalo Bills laid the smack down on the Baltimore Ravens with a 17-3 home win to advance to the AFC Title Game next Sunday against the Chiefs or Browns.

The Bills themselves took to twitter to mock Smith, as they pulled up a take from the ESPN talking head from earlier in the week about the combo of quarterback Josh Allen and wide out Stefon Diggs, and if the Bills could get the job done against the big, bad Ravens.

"I don't know if I'm going to anticipate Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs being that matchup nightmare that the Baltimore Ravens can't handle," Smith said.

"I'm not sure Buffalo is going to have what it takes."

The Bills went savage on Smith, lighting him up with his own comments after Allen and Diggs combined for eight pitches and catches for 106 yards and a score in the two touchdown win for the Bills.

Here's the Bills tweet going after Smith.

We will see if Smith goes against the Bills this week in the AFC Title Game against either the Chiefs or the Browns, and if he's in for more of a beatdown if the Bills again step up and advance to the Super Bowl in Tampa.

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