Bill Maher Supports Elon Musk's Mission To 'Fix Twitter'

Nothing says don't hate the player, hate the game quite like Bill Maher's politics.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's mission to reinstate free speech on Twitter is drawing criticism from the political left, but the Real Time host is going against his party's perspective, yet again, and calling the Musk-Twitter association a step in the right direction.

Taking questions from viewers on YouTube for his Overtime segment, Maher and two of his guests were asked about the good or bad news that comes with Musk recently becoming Twitter's largest shareholder (9.2 percent) and what his inclusion means for the company's standing regime.

"What's the panel's thoughts on Elon Musk becoming Twitter's single-largest shareholder," Maher was asked, alongside author Nancy MacLean and New York Times writer David Leonhardt.

"We're not living in 1980 anymore," Maher said. "This is a different world we live in where social media controls this.

"We live in a different age where Twitter is the public square now. If you deny someone's right to speak on Twitter, you're basically saying you don't have free speech rights," he added, backing Musk's past complaints aimed at Twitter's restriction on speech.

Maher's guests weren't fully sold on Musk's cavalier attitude toward changing Twitter. Maher argued that only the wealthiest man on earth could shake up the restriction on free speech and opposing views that Twitter has committed.

"hey banned you talking about whether coronavirus came from a lab," Maher contested, "and it may well have.

"And even the Biden administration admits that now. We don't know where coronavirus came from, but there's no reason to think it couldn't have emerged from a lab. They have a lab in Wuhan that was studying coronavirus. And you couldn't even discuss this! I mean, that's outrageous." 

Though independents and conservatives frequently agree with Maher's assessments of America's current social climate, a caveat always presents itself to the ardent liberal's viewpoint.

Maher and his guests went on to lament the thought of reinstituting Donald Trump's account on the platform, which has been teased by Musk's ownership.

Even in loathing the former president's return, Maher could not deny that allowing all speech trumps some speech.

"I think that's what Elon Musk wants to fix at Twitter. I think so," Maher said.

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