Ben Affleck Lets 10-Year-Old Son Drive New Lambo; Child Hits Pricey BMW

It’s not your fault, son.

Actor Ben Affleck, son Samuel Garner Affleck and Ben’s fiancé, Jennifer Lopez, were spotted at an LA dealership over the weekend.

TMZ photographers caught the family shopping a variety of luxury vehicles, eventually getting drawn in by a yellow Lamborghini Urus.

Affleck let his 10-year-old son, shared with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, hop in the driver’s seat momentarily, and the result was Gigli-levels bad.

Young Sam Affleck was seen accidentally backing up the SUV into a neighboring vehicle, which prompted all parties to jump out of their seats and assess the damage, given the assuredly high price tags surrounding them.

The Lambo appeared to bump into a white BMW X6, which was also feet away from a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Ghost.

According to TMZ, the dealership claimed that no damages to the vehicle, or humans, were apparent from the minor collision.

The smiling Ben didn’t break character after watching his son nearly cost him tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs after what was supposed to be an easy, breezy Sunday afternoon. Despite his Oscar wins and critically acclaimed films, Affleck’s direction with letting the 10-year-old take the wheel (a.k.a. child endangerment) was Razzie-worthy, if such a category existed for parenting.

Among the many decisions that youth in America are permitted in the modern day, letting them drive a vehicle totaling north of $200,000 is one of them.

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