As Police Quit, Citizens Are In Danger

Those who consume the news merely from mainstream outlets believe our country has only five threats: Donald Trump, white supremacy, voter suppression, white men, and police. For that, murderous criminals can thank the pathetic, like-minded stooges who make up the national press.

Since the start of 2021, murders and shootings have spiked across the country. Yet our media doesn't seem to care and Democrat leaders have no interest in doing anything about it.

Citizens in our major cities are in danger. So what? Trump is gone, and the QAnon Shaman is in jail.

A report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that Atlanta police have investigated 64 homicide cases in 2021. That's up 58% from this time in 2020, a year in which authorities investigated a historic 157 homicide cases.

So, why is cable news so afraid to cover such a tragedy? Because their lies about the police are partly responsible for the rise in serious crime.

There are simply not enough police officers to protect Atlanta and other cities like it. Of course there aren't. Who would want to be a cop in this climate? Apparently not many.

Atlanta’s police force is more than 400 officers under its authorized level. 400.

Since 2020, over 200 officers have quit the force, and 75 more have quit since the start of 2021. They are getting out before they are arrested, doxxed, and threatened. As a result, arrests in Atlanta are down 43%.

Homicide cases are up 58%, and arrests are down 43%. Find a more depressing stat on the web. I dare you.

Radical politicians and hosts on MSNBC called for the government to disarm the police force. And now, by choice, many police officers have handed in their guns.

It's not just Atlanta. Youth murders in Chicago have skyrocketed. In Minneapolis, murders have quadrupled since 2019.

"In the past month, three children, ages 10 and under, have been caught in the crossfire of gun violence. Last week, 6-year-old Aniya Allen, the granddaughter of an anti-gang activist, died from a shot to the head and two other children remain hospitalized," Axios reports.

Between Jan. 1 and May 2021, Minneapolis shootings were up 153% compared to the same period in 2020. Carjackings were up 222%.

Hmm, I thought Minneapolis police were the bad guys? That's what I heard. Somehow, of the last 100 Minneapolis homicide victims, just one was killed by an officer. That leaves 99 for the criminals.

The Wall Street Journalties the murder spikes to the death of George Floyd:

"The crime increase began after Floyd’s death and has never let up. Nor has the assault on law enforcement that began with the arson destruction of the Third Precinct building on May 28, 2020. Officers are routinely punched, kicked and hit with projectiles. There was a near-riot in downtown Minneapolis in the early hours of May 22 following a shootout among club patrons. Two people were killed in that shootout and eight wounded. Responding officers called for backup across the Twin Cities at what the department called an 'exceptionally chaotic scene.' The previous weekend, officers were maced, and pelted with rocks and debris while trying to disperse disorderly crowds."

As I wrote in May, painting police as the enemy was never about George Floyd. It was a politically-driven power move to convince the American people that Democrat leaders had a progressive plan to prevent dangerous interactions between police and citizens. Floyd’s death was an excuse to do so.

Police are now understandably more hesitant to do their jobs, knowing that the New York Times already has pre-written, anti-cop narratives ready to publish, should things go awry. Even when police do the no-brainer and save a young girl from being murdered, they can have their safety jeopardized by a clueless athlete and his 50 million followers.

How did we get here? How did we get to a place where riots are excused as "peaceful," where police officers are afraid to do their jobs, and where criminals feel more supported than the police by our leaders?

When you answer these questions, understand this: it didn't happen naturally. It's the result of an intense push to convince Americans that unless they vote Democrat, they'll be in danger.

As with so much we are told, the opposite is actually true.

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