Another Major University Requiring Masks on Campus

The forever pandemic continues.

For liberal college administrators, the COVID pandemic will never end.

It's too perfect for their sensibilities, which requires an unearned sense of superiority for adhering to the correct set of ideological principles.

"Experts" who have claimed to be representatives of "science" have decreed that masks work, and mask mandates are incredibly effective.

Except, of course, years of data have confirmed the exact opposite.

But data doesn't matter to politicians or executives who are entirely convinced in their own infallibility.

The latest example comes from Georgetown University, who announced that masks will be required indoors and in many other settings when school starts this year.

Not only that also pointlessly requiring entry testing for students returning to campus.

How does it ever end for these people?

When do they give up on mandating masks for healthy 20 year olds who've already been vaccinated and boosted?

The depressing truth is that they'll never give up.

Misinformation incompetent officials like Dr. Fauci and Rochelle Walensky have contributed to the endless cycle of pointless and destructive COVID mandates.

Because those same experts are entirely convinced that their useless policies have worked, they'll never apologize, admit they were wrong, and permanently free college students from the prison of mandates.

Even though more and more studies have emerged confirming that masks and other interventions on college campuses are useless, it simply doesn't matter.

So to protect the egos of overpaid bureaucrats, countless millions will be forced to endure restrictions on normal life forever.

The whims and nonsensical fears of terrified adults has led to this; the forever pandemic at places like Georgetown. This is the life they've created for themselves by ensuring complete domination by liberal administrators.