Americans Rank Alabama The Worst State In The Country

A poll was run by the Huffington Post to rank all 50 states, and somehow, Alabama ranked dead last. I guess it makes sense since only weirdos answer polls.

California still came in at 12, even with all the feces and homeless people that pollute the streets. Taxes couldn't have helped either, right? And Hawaii has to be this high on the list because everyone's taking a completely unjustified honeymoon vacation there. When you only travel to a state to spend money you don't have --you're gonna have a sweet time.

But if I'm being perfectly honest, New Mexico should be dead last on this list. From the knockoff Mexican food to having absolutely nothing to do except shoots guns in the desert -- New Mexico is a waste of land.

Also worth mentioning that states like Oklahoma were rightfully punished for natural disasters. Well-mannered civilians and the best chicken-fried steak you've ever had can't make up for a life-changing tornado. Some things people can't fix (and no, that's not a challenge, Bill Gates.)

So, what do YOU think?

Which state is too high or low on this list? I have a feeling this is about to get interesting.

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