Amazon Was Set To Pay $100M To Sean McVay

Super Bowl-winning coach Sean McVay said he's staying with the Los Angeles Rams, but it sounds as if it's coming at a cost.

Per Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Amazon was prepared to make McVay a $100 million man. Or more specifically, Amazon intended to offer McVay at least in the neighborhood of $100 million with a five-year contract.

The sides were expected to meet next week, per Marchand. The Rams, of course, new this is coming and "have stepped up with a raise from his reported $8.5 million," Marchand wrote.

Why did Amazon want McVay? Because it is seeking a color analyst for its upcoming Thursday Night Football broadcasts, and it is especially targeting a bigger name. It's hard to find one bigger than a man who just won a championship.

But McVay told ESPN on Friday that he has no intentions of leaving the Rams, and instead will be seeking a repeat.

"McVay had interest from Amazon and Fox. With Amazon, McVay could have potentially teamed with Al Michaels, who is on the 1 yard line to becoming Amazon’s lead play-by-player on its 'Thursday Night Football' telecasts," Marchand wrote. "Michaels has wanted to know who his analysts would be, but now Troy Aikman, John Lynch and McVay have all said no."

So Amazon is out of luck when it comes to McVay, and we aren't sure who it will target next. From the sounds of things, whoever it is apparently will be headed straight for the bank.