All SEVEN Yankees That Tested Positive Were Vaccinated

Seven members of the Yankees staff tested positive for COVID this week, and ALL SEVEN were fully vaccinated. Interesting how 40 players can walk around the clubhouse touching the same baseball for four hours, some unvaccinated, and 100% of the infected rolled up their sleeves and took the shot.

Can someone grab Bill Gates for comment? Guess he's too busy settling his divorce to deal with the results of a vaccine he pushed.

Is anyone covering baseball going to question how this is possible? Seven staff members, who all agreed to "do their part" and got praised as heroes on Twitter, all contracted the virus anyway? 'But the vaccine isn't a just decreases the odds of getting it,' they'll say. That's all we ever hear when a pro-vaxxer claims we all should give in.

I'm no mathematician, but seven for seven in positive COVID tests is what we like to call 100%. All free-thinking human beings should be looking at that number before they head up to CVS to inject their body with a vaccine math insists they don't need.

Of course that math I'm referring to is the 99.8 percent survival rate if you find yourself testing positive for COVID. So now completely blind to any potential side effects down the road, 85 percent of the Yankees team gave into COVID regulations. They listened to Bill Gates and then shunned Joe Rogan, even though neither is a medical doctor. The team didn't bother to wonder why Gates insists he knows what the vaccine will do while Rogan questions it.

Major League Baseball made a mistake, and they don't want the fans to know it

The media is about to shift the blame on the unvaccinated. After all, they're the ones who passed COVID onto the vaccinated -- it couldn't possibly be the fact that the vaccine just doesn't work. Billions of dollars are at stake for companies like Pfizer and Moderna. They need us to aimlessly buy into this vaccine we don't need, and the Yankees are just "doing their part."

Not only did the vaccine fail, but we're going to give out free tickets to encourage people to put a fluid in their body that doesn't protect them from COVID. And we'll insist they sit together like the brainless dunces they are.

The COVID vaccine is a waste of everyone's time, and the Yankees just demonstrated that for us beautifully. Now let's not sweep this news under the rug -- our freedom depends on it.