Alex Trebek, Legend, Dies at 80

Jeopardy! announced this morning that the program's legendary host, Alex Trebek, died today, following a battle with pancreatic cancer:

Trebek was immaculate at his job of hosting Jeopardy!, which he doing in 1984. He is universally beloved in a way that seems like it would be nearly impossible for a celebrity to achieve from scratch today, in an era of polarization of the populace and fragmentation in media. Can you recall ever having heard one negative word said or written about him? How many people can you say that about?

According to TMZ, Trebek taped Jeopardy! episodes that will run through December 25th.

Just this past week, we saw the immeasurable impact that Trebek has had:

That's about as endearing a send-off as one could imagine. Trebek will be missed.

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