A Christmas Miracle: LeBron James Agrees With Clay Travis On COVID, Points Out NBA's Idiocy With Handling Cases

BFF's make the world go round and among the best fellowships in history comes a recent team-up between OutKick founder Clay Travis and top-5 all-time NBA player LeBron James.

When the common foe is COVID idiocy and hysteria, the two are equipped to hit the fast break and dunk on coronabros with logic. Both forces came together on Friday after James posted a photo perfectly showcasing the nonsense spawned by trying to differentiate a case of COVID from an illness like the common flu.

Clay quoted the image, offering his support — and a friendship bracelet — as the two seemingly agreed to keep healthy, asymptomatic athletes active rather than sidelining them as the NBA and NFL have in recent weeks.

"Did we just become best friends?!" Clay asked, with LeBron dishing emphatic common sense to ardent coronabros.

This wasn't King James' first time pushing back on the COVID hysteria.

On Nov. 30, after testing positive for COVID and missing a game against the Sacramento Kings, James tweeted out that the NBA's testing methods seemed "fishy" as the All-Star forward noticed zero symptoms amid his positive diagnosis. Further PCR testing later revealed that James had a false-positive case, clearing him to play just 24 hours after landing in health and safety protocols and prompting fans to wonder how many players continue to be sidelined at full health.

Becoming aware of their own idiocy with handling COVID, the NBA decided to follow in the footsteps of the NFL by shortening their window for players to return from health and safety protocols. A positive case previously sidelined an NBA player for 10 days, which may include missing up to three games. The new ruling reduced the waiting period to six days.

Phil Mickelson got in on the common sense craze this Christmas Eve — tweeting out how the surge of Omicron in South Africa has showcased a plummeting lethal effect on its hosts, as the illness is promoted in the U.S. as an oncoming winter of despair. (Thanks, Biden.)

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