McDonald’s Is Testing A Chicken Big Mac

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At some point in your fast food eating career, you probably took a bite out of a McDonald’s Big Mac and thought “They should do one of these but with chicken instead of beef.”

Well, apparently the people in the McDonald’s test kitchen had the same idea because a Big Mac with the hamburgers swapped out in favor of two pieces of chicken is about to be tested.

If you want to give it a shot for yourself before it goes national — if it even does; perish the thought — you need to book a trip to South Florida.

For some reason, the Miami area is a hotbed for fast food testing. In addition to the chicken Big Mac, those looking for a bite to eat earlier in the day can grab Chorizo Cheddar Egg Bites, which Chick-Fil-A happens to be testing in the same market.

The Chicken Big Mac Has Already Made Its Way To The United Kingdom

While the Chicken Big Mac may be news to US consumers, it’s old hat to our pals across the pond. According to Delish, the Chicken Big Mac made its debut in the UK earlier this year. It was so popular that it completely sold out.

If I know my American chicken sandwich history — and I’m pretty sure I do — we can expect a sell-out here in the states too.

Remember when Popeye’s sold out of their chicken sandwich that people were getting in fights and shooting at each other? They ran out of buns and were asking customers to bring their own. Sure, you got the sandwich on the bun of your choosing, but at what cost (aside from your dignity)?

First, the Chicken Big Mac has got to get past the test phase. I’m sure the Chicken Big Mac will be a hit with the fine people of South Florida, and it’ll land at McD’s around the nation.

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