McDonald’s Is Filling Our Hearts (And Bellies) With Fries On The House

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You probably already know this, but I’ll remind you, just in case: Tuesday, July 13th is National French Fry Day. Plan accordingly. Quit saving those sick days at work for silly things like COVID or deaths in the family. Schedule some time to reintroduce taters to your tummy. Just don’t forget to swing by the Golden Arches, because McDonald’s is giving rewards members free fries for this year’s holiday.

In order to get the free spuds, the fast food giant is asking their “fans” to join the MyMcDonald’s Rewards program and download the corresponding app. Then once Tuesday rolls around, the potato delicacy is yours for the taking.

Alycia Mason, the VP of Digital Customer Experience and Media for McDonald’s, praised Mcfans in a statement, saying: “We have the best fans in the world who deserve to unlock perks for their loyalty. That is why we are so excited to bring MyMcDonald’s Rewards nationwide and celebrate with all of our guests on World Famous Fan Day (aka ‘National French Fry Day’).”

Now before you judge, take some time and get off your high horse. If you don’t love McDonald’s french fries, do you even really love America? Screw Lays potato chips. Try eating just one McDonald’s fry. Not happening. Don’t think we don’t know your type. Sitting in your ivory tower, gnawing on kale, looking down upon us fry guys. So be it. That’s just more cholesterol and carbs for the rest of us.

In the statement, McDonald’s announced that 66 fans will win 1 million MyMcDonald’s Rewards points and one fan will win free fries for life, a prize valued at $19,685.

McDonald’s seems hell bent on referring to people who eat their food as “fans.” Seems a little weird, but as long as they’re giving away free food, we’ll play along.

“We’re eager to repay years of fandom by giving them what they love most about McDonald’s — our delicious food — for years to come,” said Alycia Mason.



Written by Anthony Farris

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