McDonalds Greasing Up Teachers At No Charge

Teacher’s lounges across the country are about to welcome a lot of stank into their space, and this time, it has nothing to do with the hippie Liberal Arts teacher. Today through Friday, Mickey D’s is offering free breakfast to educators in what they’re calling a “Thank You Meal.”

Pay attention, teachers, now’s the time to disregard that granola bar and skip the Dunkin Drive-Thru. You’ve got a pile of grease waiting for you at the Golden Arches.

McDonalds’ complimentary breakfast is being offered daily to all teachers, administrators and school staff who provide a valid work ID. School employees can partake in post-school day happy hours all week, knowing that they can quickly erase their morning hangover by some free grease, courtesy of Ronald McDonald. Educators taking advantage of the breakfast freebie are able to get one “Thank You Meal” per day during breakfast hours.

The meal includes the choice of one entrée: Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Sausage Biscuit, or Egg McMuffin, along with hash browns and a drink.

Jennifer “JJ” Healan, McDonalds’ vice president of marketing, brand content and engagement told USA Today: “We wanted to build on that idea and thank our educators in our communities for all that they’ve been doing and what they do really every day. It truly is just a gesture for us to say ‘thank you.”

Each “Thank You Meal” is presented in a Happy Meal box and includes a note thanking teachers.

“This is a big way of getting a big national spotlight on people that are really the backbone of every profession that exists,” continued Healan.

This is a nice gesture by McDonalds, who in the era of inclusion, is making sure that the faces of students aren’t the only ones filled with grease.





Written by Anthony Farris

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