McDonald’s Customer Grabs His Own Nuggets From Behind The Counter, Fires One At Manager

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A customer at one of those fancy McDonald’s at a gas station with a convenience store attached got tired of waiting for his order of McNuggets. He did the only thing that would speed up the process. He went behind the counter and grabbed the nuggets himself.

The man’s hilarious move had other customers pulling out their phones to capture the moment as it unfolded. The man, as he grabs a handful of nuggets, can be heard saying, “There are 20 nuggets. Here we go, I’ll get them myself.”

McDonald's Customer Grabs His Own Nuggets
McDonald’s customer getting his own nuggets (Image Credit: Merari/TikTok)

As he walks away, the customer adds, “I got my twenty nuggets. Oh, I’m sorry I got tired of waiting.”

The manager, who appears to be calling the police, is walking behind him.

Instead of letting the man go on his merry way with his nuggets, the manager says something to him after he walked into the adjoining convenience store.

This caused the man to return to confront the manager. The manager quickly retreats to back behind the counter. As the manager retreats, the man — who is enjoying his food — tosses one of the McNuggets in his direction.

This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s McDonald’s Customer

The manager likely learned his lesson here. Let’s hope so anyway. The bright green shirt is cool and all, but it’s not worth it to chase down a guy for grabbing McNuggets.

I’m not on the side of acting insane in a fast food restaurant when things don’t go your way, but it’s avoidable. Maybe do a better job at serving the customers in a timely manner.

You have to know that anything can happen at any time. Especially at the convenience store attached McDonald’s. Get the people their McNuggets!

Written by Sean Joseph

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