‘Mayor Of Kingstown’ Ends Outstanding Second Season, Jeremy Renner Proves To Be A Force

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Season two of “Mayor of Kingstown” lived up to the hype.

The first season of the show with Jeremy Renner as fixer Mike McLusky in a prison town was a very underrated hit.

It was just Taylor Sheridan’s latest home run. The dark and sinister series didn’t receive the same attention as “Yellowstone” or its prequels, but make no mistake, “Mayor of Kingstown” is a banger.

Season two simply cemented its status as one of the best shows on TV.

Jeremy Renner crushes it as Mike McLusky in “Mayor of Kingstown.” (Credit: Paramount+)

“Mayor of Kingstown” is as dark as it gets.

What made season one of the show so incredible was the fact Sheridan really leaned into the dark and sinister themes of the series.

In most of Sheridan’s other work, “Yellowstone” for example, you always feel like there’s some kind of hope on the horizon.

There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, Sheridan takes viewers there and other times, he doesn’t. However, there’s always hope.

That’s just not the case in “Mayor of Kingstown.” Not at all. All viewers know is suffering and pain, and it’s downright incredible.

Everything about the show is incredibly unsettling. It’s unbelievably violent at times, dark, and above all else, you know no positive conclusion is coming.

Will there be a third season of “Mayor of Kingstown”? (Credit: Paramount+)

It wasn’t any different in season two. Once again, Mike McLusky has more problems on his hands than he can count, and this time, there’s one that might be too big to handle:


The escaped gangster, who is one of the most evil villains in the Sheridan universe, is on the loose and ready to make Mike’s life a living hell.

Everything reaches a boiling point in the season two finale. The episode grips you, jacks up your pulse and refuses to let go. That’s about all I can say without ruining it. Just go ahead and line up a few comedy episodes of something afterwards. You’re going to need it.

Jeremy Renner is outstanding in “Mayor of Kingstown” season two. (Credit: Paramount+)

Jeremy Renner is unstoppable.

One of the best parts about “Mayor of Kingstown” is it really lets Renner get to work and show the audience how insanely skilled he is.

The character of Mike McLusky is a template we’ve seen before. He’s a man with violence in his heart and a very dark past, but he wants to do the right things.

He’s torn between who he wants to be and what he needs to be. Renner has been in some awesome projects over the years, but “Mayor of Kingstown” is definitely his best. It’s impossible to look away when he’s on the screen.

“Mayor of Kingstown” wraps up awesome second season. (Credit: Paramount+)

Now, we wait to see what happens going forward. Renner is recovering from serious injuries from a plowing accident. He’s not returning to the screen in the near future, but it’s hard to imagine given the success of “Mayor of Kingstown” that this is the end. At the very least, let’s hope not. It’s a damn good show, and we need more series like it in the entertainment world.

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