Max Scherzer Wants To Know Why More Fans Are Not Allowed In Stadium

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Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer wants to know why his home Nationals Park had no fans in the upper deck on Opening Day. The team socially distanced, just like all other teams except the Texas Rangers, but they insisted on having no fans in the upper deck.

To Max Scherzer, that makes no sense. It goes to show that thinking Americans will ask questions rather than just allow government or team officials to tell us how we can live our lives.

The Washington Nationals allowed just 5,000 fans at Opening Day, which isn’t backed by science. They claim they’re protecting the “health of fans and players,” but when did hiding from each other help us get healthy? Florida opened up the state, and Fauci blew his lid. America’s self-proclaimed doctor made Florida’s decision seem like a death sentence.

The results? Cases in locked-down states like California spiked. Florida and Texas, a state that also opened early, saw cases fall sharply. Fauci had no answer when he was asked how that’s possible, and now Max Scherzer wants to know why Major League Baseball can’t follow the science like Florida and Texas has. It’s the proper question to ask.

We’ll see how long it takes commissioner Rob Manfred or Nationals team officials to respond. We have a gut feeling that they hosted only 5,000 fans for the same reason they moved the All-Star Game:


Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. typical athlete censoring himself. just come out and say the pandemic is fake and fans should be back. enough of this wishy washy BS. wouldn’t be surprised if sports are dead in a decade because these athletes refused to speak out against the covid hoax

  2. If I was guessing why the Nats closed the upper deck I would say it was to save money on staffing and stocking those upper deck concession stands, security and other park staff. They’re squeezing nickels. We need to open the stadiums up. There are no scientific studies I’m aware of showing Covid spreading from sporting events. You’re outside in open air. We have to stop letting hypochondriacs determine our policies.

  3. Thank you for another excellent article. It’s good to see players start to question these things. Tens of thousands of people everyday pour into Target, Walmart and other stores across the country and there’s no “social distancing” going on and people are constantly lowering their and raising their masks. There is no reason why everything cannot be fully open with no restrictions and then people can choose for themselves whether or not they choose to attend events.

    Thanks to Operation Warpspeed, we have millions of people being vaccinated everyday. It’s been well past time to allow all businesses to function without any restrictions and let the free market forces determine how consumers choose to spend their money.

  4. This mentality might be MLB’s only savior after the wokeness move of the All-star game. If the players come out in favor of listening to science and opening up the stadiums and ditching the fear porn, people might actually respect them enough to show up.

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