Six Years Later, Max Kellerman’s Cliff Take Wins Worst Sports Take of All Time

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Six years ago today, Max Kellerman declared the death of Tom Brady’s football career.

On his first day as the new co-host of First Take, Kellerman announced  that Brady was “just about done,” that he’d be “a bum in short order,” and that he “is going to fall off a cliff.” 

Suffice to say that Kellerman deserves this ratio:

Conclusion: that is the worst sports take of all time. Even worse than when Skip Bayless called Johnny Manziel the hero who Cleveland had dreamed of. 

Since #CliffTake, Brady has won three Super Bowls. And an MVP. And defied Father Time. Brady turns 45 next month and might still be the best in the game.

The cliff has treated him well.

If you split Brady’s career into two parts — before the cliff and after the cliff — he’d go into the Hall of Fame twice.

Though word is Stephen A. Smith kicked Kellerman off First Take because he just didn’t like the guy, we have to assume Smith took into account that Kellerman’s “takes” weren’t any good.

There’s a good chance Smith is running those burner accounts that are in Kellerman’s mentions telling him that his takes still suck.

Kellerman’s lucky, however, that Brady eventually left New England and won a championship elsewhere. For a while, Kellerman was the most hated media figure in the Boston area.

He’s probably still up there, though. He’s just not a very likable guy:

Anyway, buy Brady’s swimwear and keep the dunking of Kellerman going. 

Written by Bobby Burack

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