Max Kellerman Has a Laughable Jump Shot

Do you remember the kid in gym class whom classmates always picked to join the team last? We assume ESPN host Max Kellerman remembers that kid.

He was that kid.

Wednesday, Kellerman’s co-hosts Jay Williams and Keyshawn Johnson challenged the afternoon radio team of Bart Scott & Alan Hahn to a pickup basketball game. And during warm-ups, Kellerman, who is not involved in the contest, got some shots in.

Here’s Kellerman’s jump shot:

Rate it: 1-10, 1 being great and 10 being humiliating.

Kellerman’s “shot” raises questions as to whether he’s the worst athlete on ESPN airwaves. Though he’s certainly up there, Adrian Wojnarowski, Scott Van Pelt and Michael Wilbon are not what we consider athletic specimens either.

In fact, Kellerman’s former co-host Stephen A. Smith can’t buy a bucket either.

Decent form, but no range.

On a positive note, there’s evidence to believe that Kellerman is a better defender than Keyshawn Johnson. And I say that as someone who has never seen Kellerman play defense.

However …


Jay Williams could take Kellerman, Keyshawn and Stephen A. 3 on 1.  I mean, no need to even guard Kellerman.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Kellerman would have been better off pushing the shot from his chest. Shot-putting it like he did with no rhythm, or full extension, is not going to work. Now I see why he rapped as a kid, rather than played hoops, to ingratiate himself in the culture.

    Stephen A would be wise to shoot inside the three point line. His form is OK, but looks like he hasn’t shot in ten years. You have to build up those three point shooting muscles through repetition.

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