Max Homa Calls Himself Out After Aggressive Club Toss At WM Phoenix Open

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Max Homa didn’t have his best stuff during Sunday’s final round of the WM Phoenix Open and he let his frustrations show after miss-hitting a fairway bunker shot with a good old-fashioned club toss.

The six-time PGA Tour winner saw the video after the fact and was not a fan, to say the least.

Homa, who is no stranger to roasting people on Twitter, called himself out for the club toss.

Any golfer who has ever thrown a club in frustration knows that in the moment, for that split second, you feel great, but as soon as you realize how ridiculous chucking a club is, you feel like the biggest loser on the planet.

Homa needs to cut himself some slack here, though, because it was a well-executed club toss if we’re being honest.

First and foremost, he had some velocity on the throw, plus, he didn’t go the traditional route of launching the club down the fairway. Instead, he threw it right into the ground and got some cool-looking spins as a result.

Tyrrell Hatton, who could have the shortest fuse of any professional golfer in the history of the game, offered to give Homa a club-tossing lesson if he wanted it.

Homa ended up shooting 1-over on Sunday finishing at 3-under for the week in a tie for 39th. He took home north of $80,000 for his finish, so as embarrassed as he may feel about the club toss, it wasn’t all that bad.

Written by Mark Harris

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