Mavs Fined $50K For Celebrating The Demise of the Phoenix Suns in Game 7

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The Dallas Mavericks, notably their bench, have been fined a cool $50,000 by the NBA. Announced Wednesday, the Association fined the Mavs for “violating of bench decorum” during Sunday’s game against the Phoenix Suns.

Mavs players couldn’t contain themselves as they whooped Phoenix, 123-90, in Game 7 to close out the Western Conference Semifinals.

Paying no mind to the struggling Devin Booker and Chris Paul fighting to keep their season alive, the Mavs bench started to toy with game officials by ramping up their celebrations, along with threatening to touch the court.

The antics fall in line with this postseason’s Mavs squad, which was previously fined for the exact same violation after Game 2’s loss. Dallas had to pay up $25,000 for the first instance on May 6.

“The league is worried about the wrong thing,” Mavs coach Jason Kidd said in response to the first violation, as relayed by ESPN. “You have millionaires cheering on other millionaires. Doesn’t happen in this society. And the enthusiasm of the game, for a teammate to cheer on another teammate is special. … “

From the players to management, the Mavs are enjoying their journey to the Western Conference Finals, which starts with Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday.

Mavs owner Mark Cuban recently threw a jab at rapper Lil Wayne for doubting the greatness of team All-Star Luka Doncic.

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