Steelers’ Maurkice Pouncey ‘Inadvertently Supported A Cause’ Placing Antwon Rose’s Name On His Helmet

Total187 Steelers lineman Maurkice Pouncey issued a statement to clarify his position on having Antwon Rose’s name on the back of his helmet during Monday night’s game against the New York Giants. “I was given limited information on the situation regarding Antwon, and I was unaware of the whole story surrounding his death and what ...





Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Why is no one holding Tomlin and the Rooney Family responsible for their failure to lead regarding this act of ignorance? I was able to learn what happened in two minutes from the West Coast using some internet searches. Tomlin and the Rooney’s are in PA, and they don’t know one person in law enforcement that could have explained Rose’s complicity? Are there no retired police officers working security for the Steelers who could say, “Excuse me Mr. Tomlin, but you might not want to die on this hill.” The truth is the didn’t want to disagree with their players and they chose to surrender the narrative rather than disagree and tell the team the uncomfortable truths regarding Mr. Rose and his actions before his death.

    • Because no woke-tard is ever held accountable for anything said or done.

      One has to give Pouncey some credit for owning up to a lack of awareness on his part. He could just as easily have placed all of the blame on the plate of the organization, which certainly is not free of major guilt for their failure to properly address the facts of the matter, as opposed to misguided feelings.

      • Totally agree with your points, Gepaza…they can skate away on “gee, I didn’t know the facts” or they can just use the libtard privilege conferred on them by the libtard media and Dimcraps in Congress.
        For sure, Maurice Pouncey deserves credit for being his own man after finding out the facts instead of stepping back and blending into the woke mob with a shrug of his shoulders. Good for him!!! At least that’s two Steelers who don’t follow the crowd. Big props to Alejandro Villanueva for being resolute over many seasons!!!

    • Excellent question, Robert…my answer would be it’s 1/2 knee jerk and 1/2 laziness. Too fukkin’ lazy to do the easy research you mentioned, and it is possible they were told to reconsider but chose the easy way out — which we all know — to go with BLM good, white man bad.
      More and more disappointed with people who I used to hold in high regard.

    • IMO. The Steelers were following suit with the league making an effort to appease the wokers. But, 2 very well respected players in the NFL have spoken up on justice. Remember Pouncey got suspended defending his quarterback, who was wrongfully accused of using a racial slur against Myles Garrett. They were preparing for a game. Pouncey is a class act and he will will not just fall in line. You all want athletes to step up, right? Look at Pouncey and Villanueva.

  2. As a die hard Steelers fan I feel as though Tomlin and Rooney family are thoughtful and measured about everything they do. I was surprised when I noticed Rose’s name on the helmet and made the connection to the story. He shouldn’t have been killed. He also committed an extremely dangerous crime. Not the hill I want my football team dying on.

  3. Tomlin is a Huge Lefty Obama Guy and the Rooney’s are like Plantation owners. Always have been.

    I actually grew up a Bradshaw, Swan and Steelers fan. Not so much since Tomlin took over and brags like he is running things. Take away Big Ben and they have nothing in the Pitt.

    • Haha. The Pouncey’s are definitely sketchy. But I give him credit for coming out with his dissent, even if it is a bit late. This should lead to some more honest discussions in that locker room and across the league. The NFL needs to get out of this “BLM hero” business fast.

      • Even Jason Whitlock said he was a very different person when he was in college and listening to Nation of Islam tapes.
        If we’re not allowed to grow and learn, and make individual choices based on those specific facts, but are judged by what we did in our youth, then which of us are qualified to be the judges?

  4. Since when do facts matter to these dopey football players just play the game that’s all fans want to see not your stupid protest of course always on the side of the perps. Which reminds me has the queen stepped up and donated to the two deputies who were almost assassinated one of which is a 31 year old mother with a young child.

  5. This is the predictable by-product of Leftism. Ignorant people concocting ignorant symbolic displays for other ignorant people to partake in. They build the slippery slope, slide down it, and then look incredibly moronic explaining why. We all see through it. Pouncey (Pawncey) and the rest of those blocking dummies are being played for fools.

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