Matthew Stafford’s Girlfriend’s Bachelorette Party Looks Fun

So I know this is really going to shock y’all, but Matthew Stafford is a multi-millionaire NFL quarterback who went to Georgia. 

And his fiancee is really hot. 

I know, total upset. 

Anyway, his fiancee Kelly Hall went to Las Vegas this weekend and the bachelorette party looks like fun.

I’m just posting this picture for three reasons:

1. I love all of you.

2. Todd Fuhrman, Andy Roddick, and I are going to work for five straight days in Las Vegas this week and more people will come to Outkick to look at pictures of Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend than anything we do during those five days.  

Inevitably I won’t wake up early enough to write on a couple of these days and the tens of thousands of you who come to look at this picture will make up for me being too hungover to work. 

3. This basically ties in with the new trend of hot bridesmaids and brides getting their pictures taken in thongs.

So it’s very newsworthy. 

Thank you, Kelly Hall. 

Oh, and if any of you are interested in seeing more pictures of Kelly and her bridesmaids in their bikinis — which I’m sure none of you are — you can see those here. 






Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.