Rams QB Matt Stafford Is Not Worried That His Wife Said He Can’t Connect With Teammates

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Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matt Stafford isn’t too concerned about his wife telling people that he is having trouble connecting with some of the younger players in the team’s locker room.

It all started when Stafford’s wife, Kelly, said on her podcast that the 35-year-old signal caller was having trouble locking in with some of the youths on the Rams roster. She said that he was having some trouble with players who “go straight to their phones” and call him “sir.”

This turned into a controversy … for some reason.

Anyone who had an issue with this has never tried to talk to a Gen Z’er.

I’m quite a few years younger than Matt Stafford, but on the rare occasions I have to communicate with someone born after the year 2000, I feel like a frozen caveman who was only recently thawed out and has only a cursory understanding of how fire works.

Like, I just recently learned what “No cap” means. As it turns out, “Cap” is bad (unless I received some bad intel).

So, it’s no surprise that there’s a generational divide between Old Man Stafford and the youth of today. Fortunately, Kelly’s benign comments didn’t cause any issues in the team’s locker room.

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matt Stafford speaks with an Amish man who visited the team’s practice facility… hang on; we’ve been informed that is Rams WR Cooper Kupp. (Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Stafford Confirmed That There Aren’t Any Issues In The Rams Locker Room

“I think those guys understand where I’m coming from,” Stafford said of his teammates, per ESPN. “They see me come in this building every single day and know how I go to work, know how I interact with everybody and we didn’t really think too much about it to be honest with you.”

“I’m not too worried about it. Nobody in the locker room’s too worried about it, I can promise you that. We’ve completely moved on. Not that we’ve ever really stopped to think about it, to be honest with you, but yeah, I’m not too worried about it.”

Of course, that’s what he says. It remains to be seen how things go when the Rams open their season on the road in Seattle.

Lumen Field is a stadium where communication is already difficult to begin with. If the Rams are having any issues on that front, they will be readily apparent.

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