Matt Leinart Is Fed Up With Gavin Newsom & His Dumb Rules

Fox Sports football analyst Matt Leinart is the latest to lose his mind over the iron fist tactics deployed by California governor Gavin Newsom, who famously broke his own COVID protocols to enjoy a dinner with friends at one of the most expensive restaurants in the United States. Newsom apologized for the lapse in judgment and then went on to impose a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew for 41 counties.

Leinart hit his breaking point Sunday after it was announced that, starting Wednesday, Los Angeles County will ban indoor and outdoor dining for three weeks. “I wear a mask. I go to the grocery store. I cook my own food,” Leinart tweeted. “I have a wife and kids. My dad is high risk and we are careful. You all are too much! Stop being bullies!”

Matt Leinart California deleted tweet

Leinart deleted his tweet about moving out of California, but his wife, attorney Josie Loren, stepped in and added clarification to what the USC legend was trying to say. Leinart and his wife join Kelly Stafford as people from the sports world speaking out against what they’re seeing happening in their communities. Stafford called Michigan a “dictatorship” and said she feared businesses run by friends would be devastated by the state’s latest round of lockdowns.

“Follow my wife @josloren. She’s smarter than all you,” Leinart added. “Actually, truly she’s smarter than all you haters! Lol”

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. “We ALWAYS wear our mask, don’t attend large gatherings, & this week alone I’ve been tested twice to ensure the safety of my kids”

    When will these idiots realize that it is because of THEM going along with just a little tyranny, that they are now crying about the big tyranny?

    Guess what assholes, you wanted it, you went along with it, and now you have it. Shut up and eat turkey alone in the dark with your mask down between bites.

    • My hope is some of these people who have just been going along with it finally got the wake up call they desperately needed to see what this really is.

      I’m not against a guy who finally sees the tyranny after being under it later in the game. He can join the rest of us who saw it coming a mile away.

  2. Governor Newsom’s little trip to the French Laundry really has provided clarity as to how seriously people should view the virus. So thanks Governor for giving us a baseline in which to model our behavior. As far as voter sophistication goes in golden state, let me just say I feel sorry for those who did not vote for Newsom but may be stuck CA simply because their personal circumstances don’t making moving a reality.

    • He was eating there with health care officials, who were also not wearing masks. Its insulting at this point.

      I’m one of those people who did not vote for the little prince and am stuck here in California. Only upside is even his alleged supporters seems to be waning. But that means nothing if they continue to vote for him and his flock of hypocritical elites.

  3. Never, ever let Biden voters forget their treasonous complicity in supporting tyranny such as this. Same for all the down vote morons. Keep pounding it into their heads and move them to the light of liberty. Expose their foolishness and ignorance at every turn. Teach them all the toughest of tough lessons. The moment of truth will be the next time they vote. Will the medication have worn off? Did you help?

  4. In the worst governor sweepstakes, I have the order (worst to lesser bad) as: Cuomo, Newsome, Whitmer, and Pritzker… if only because fatso Pritzker has been avoiding the news. But Cuomo, who actually ordered people to be taken out of hospitals and left untreated for COVID, has almost lapped the field in arrogance and incompetence… and malpractice!

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