Matt LaFleur Confuses People With Quote About Aaron Rodgers

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Last week, we discussed how Aaron Rodgers reacted to the news that the Packers traded up to pick Jordan Love in the first round — he poured four fingers of tequila, resigned himself to the idea that he will probably eventually play quarterback for a team other than Green Bay, and called Love to develop a relationship.

On Sunday, Packers coach Matt LaFleur spoke to reporters and had a quote about Rodgers that confused a lot of people. “Right now, most importantly, Aaron’s our quarterback and I see him here for a really long time,” LaFleur said, via “And however long that is, I don’t think anybody knows. Nothing’s guaranteed in this league but I feel so lucky to be able to work with him on a daily basis. I don’t see that changing for a really long time.”

Right now. Nothing’s guaranteed. Don’t see. If this were a game of Texas Hold ‘Em you’d note that LaFleur has a number of outs. The NFL can mean the acronym Not For Long, and under that umbrella “really long time” means the next 2-3 years.

The fascinating hypothetical is if Rodgers finds himself wanting out of Green Bay next offseason. I’m a Packers fan and didn’t hate the Love pick as much as many fans and media members because I think it will light a fire under Rodgers and succession planning is a hallmark of successful organizations. Even if I were a neutral observer, though, the fact that there is $31.6 million in dead cap if the Packers trade or release Rodgers before the 2021 season means that’s not going to happen.

The question is the 2022 season, where there would be $17.2 million in dead cap, and that’s going to come down to how well Rodgers plays the next two seasons and how Packers brass perceives the development of Love to be going.

LaFleur and Rodgers may well wind up at odds for 2021, because if Rodgers is sensitive to the fact that the Packers will eventually move on for him and wants to turn the tables I believe he’ll find himself in a situation where he doesn’t get his way.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. The Packers should get rid of him. Just my opinion, I believe Aaron is overhyped and overrated. Former teammates seem to have negative things to say about him. I don’t think Matt LaFleur is sold on him, because drafting a QB in the first round says it all.

    In 2019, he wasn’t in the top 10 in YPG, COMP%, TOTAL YARDS and QBR.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    You being a Packers fan, I appreciate you reading this drivel from a lifelong Giants fan.
    Always thought the Packers were a class organization. Having 360,000 owners (give or take) doesn’t allow for some big mouth/egotistical owner to be grabbing at the team’s headlines. Add to that the great Vince Lombardi, and years later the classy Mike Holmgren…well, they just seemed like they were doing it the right way.
    Never saw too many players going off the rails and blowing up the locker room. Bart Starr was total class…even Bret, the original gunslinger, seemed to do it right, until he learned how to take selfies with his phone. Aaron is doing it right, too, and four fingers of tequila was a very honest thing for him to say considering he is still an enigma to many in and out of football.
    So this latest revelation from Matt LaFleur seems very weak and very weasely given the great history of this organization. And you rightly point to the possible outs it gives the coach. I’m with you in wanting to see the fire in his belly return. Cheers!

    • People like to point out that the GBP do not have an owner and how great it is the be the only NFL team without one. However, if the GBP had an owner, the coach and GM would not have drafted Jordan Love. Here is how the owner and GM pre-draft conversation would go:
      GM: Good morning sir! Matt and I are thinking about drafting Jordan Love in the 1st round.
      Owner: Wait? What?
      GM: Yes sir. Jordan Love, the QB from Utah State. He is a great prospect and will be our succession plan for Aaron Rodgers.
      Owner: Have you lost your mind? You will draft a receiver in the 1st round. Now get out of my office!

      • Hey John…that’s a great conversation…too funny…and the same things I would have been thinking!!! I guess if Aaron gets hurt they think they have a legit backup to move in.

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