Match Picks For Saturday’s WWE SummerSlam In Las Vegas

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Saturday evening in Las Vegas at the brand spankin’ new Allegiant Stadium, World Wrestling Entertainment will present its 34th annual SummerSlam event.

The 10-match card is chock full of solid matches, along with a couple of stinkers that are good moments to go grab a sandwich from the fridge.

Today we do a little card breakdown and give you our winners for the biggest WWE show of the summer, SummerSlam 2021.

Alexa Bliss vs Eva Marie

One of three ladies matches on the card, this could be a good pre-show match that will see Bliss pick up the victory, if for nothing more than to advance her character.

Smackdown Tag Titles – Uso’s © vs The Mysterios

The Uso’s continue to be the most over tag team on Smackdown in the division. Their partnership with cousin and WWE Smackdown champ Roman Reigns gives them even more star power. They keep the belts after a long 12-14 minute match.

US Title – Sheamus (C) vs Damian Priest

Leave it to Sheamus to take a belt no one cares about and give it a solid boost. It’s been fun not only to watch Sheamus get better in 2021, but also to make the belt have some sort of meaning again.

On this night though, Priest earns his just dessert. He will get the pin and the belt with a chance to prove himself.

Jinder Mahal vs Drew McIntyre

Maybe instead of wrestling, these two will stun the WWE universe and re-form ‘Three Man Band,’ playing one of their memorable signature classics. Other than that, there’s not much in this match that has me excited. A filler match from the start.

Seth Rollins vs Edge

This, to me, will be the show stealer of 2021 SummerSlam. You know that these two are going to work extremely hard to get over in this match, and you will likely see quite a few flips and dives that will have the crowd on their feet.

Who goes over will be interesting to see. Other than Mania a year ago, Edge still really hasn’t established himself as an ‘over’ guy since his return to the ring a few years back.

Niki A.S.H. vs Charlotte Flair vs Rhea Ripley

This should be a very good three-way for the RAW Women’s title. Does Niki have enough to engage with a huge audience and get over? What about Charlotte stealing the belt away and building her legacy even more?

Or will it be a night for Ripley to prove her worth and win a big high profile PPV match? Seeing Niki raise her hand to get the win and celebrating with the large crowd is how this one should end.

RAW Tag Team Title – AJ Styles and Omos © vs RKBro

Randy Orton returned to the ring two weeks ago, and now he and Riddle will get their chance to steal away the RAW Tag Titles from A.J. Styles and Omos. This should be a very good match with plenty of near falls.

Omos remains a star in the making, so if there is going to be a title change, it’s Styles taking the pin.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Bianca Belair © vs Sasha Banks

Most rematches that are deemed ‘classics’ in the first match very rarely live up to the hype for round two. We all hope that WON’T be the case for Belair vs Banks part II, the rematch from their first night main event at WrestleMania.

The pair will have to come up with a new set of moves and some new high spots to keep the crowd, but in the end, they have the talent to do so. Once again, Belair will find a way to keep the belt.

WWE Championship – Bobby Lashley © vs Goldberg

This is likely going to be similar to all the other Bill Goldberg matches in his latest return to the WWE.

He’ll come out, hit 1-3 spears (with Lashley kicking out), get another power move or two, nearly knock himself out going for a spear in a corner and eventually get pinned in about six minutes.

There’s nothing wrong with the presentation of 54-year-old Bill Goldberg at this point. The only thing is that fans think that he’s taking the spot of a young, up and coming star.

WWE Universal Championship – Roman Reigns © vs John Cena

Since the moment Cena returned to the WWE a few weeks back, the company has been focused on this match because they know that this one needs to deliver to make SummerSlam 2021 a success.

Never fear – the ‘Peacemaker’ and ‘Mateo’ would never let that happen, and those in the stadium or watching at home will surely get their money’s worth.

This is a good chance for Cena to shine as fans remember from years gone by in feuds with the likes of Randy Orton, Triple H, Batista, Mark Henry and of course The Rock.

Even if that doesn’t happen, Reigns can do more than enough to carry John, making this match a classic from the word ‘go.’

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."

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