Masked 49ers Announcers Now Separated By Glass Shield to Avoid COVID

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In addition to Santa Clara forcing NFL broadcasters to wear masks in the booth, the announcers are now separated by a glass shield.

For some football viewers that is enough. Not Outkick’s Clay Travis.

Clay is not satisfied and wants more done:

No coronavirus is getting in that booth.

You have to wonder: does the shield follow them when they are prepping for a game, out for dinner, and studying notes two feet away?

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  1. California has no problem welcoming illegals that could be potentially sick and giving them free healthcare. Everybody else is a potential threat and even criminal. Welcome to anti American dystopia. What a hell hole

  2. Massively stupid, two people not from California have to be separated by plexiglass and masked up. Protecting two people from the virus who will leave the state after the game. I’d suggest calling the games from the studio instead.

  3. California has become a parody of itself. The residents of this state voted in large numbers for the political leadership currently running the state. So they now own that Edsel that was gleaming on the showroom floor the day they bought it.

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