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It was interesting to see and hear mainstream media blue checkmarks hypothesize on Tiger’s wreck

I didn’t have time to write down all the quotes, take screenshots of all the tweets or record all the videos of talking heads and sports reporters opining on what led up to Tiger Woods traveling several hundred yards — without signs of braking — and roll his rental SUV into trees and brush, ultimately leading to severe leg injuries.

Some Big J journalists just couldn’t get “he must’ve been hopped up on painkillers” out of their mouths fast enough. The body wasn’t even into the surgery room, and they were already presuming the guy was drugged out of his mind and that the drugs must’ve led him to cross over a divider and into a rollover. Maybe he was drugged out of his mind and lost control. Maybe the painkillers made him doze off. You morons could at least let that come out in an investigation before making the guy guilty of all charges.

And if you thought it was just scumbag tabloids making the presumptions, you’re wrong. I heard a radio network broadcast team jumping to conclusions at 3 ET. The story had been out for approximately 45 minutes, and the hosts had moved on to it must’ve been the drugs. Then there was the CNN guy making a fool out of himself.

Here’s to a quiet day. It’s going to be near 50. I might just sit in the driveway this afternoon and let the sun hit on me for an hour. You know, soak up the drugs the sun is pumping out.

• Make sure you’re looking inside the Glo Worm toys you grab for your kids at thrift stores. A woman in Phoenix found 5,000 fentanyl pills inside a Glo Worm she bought for her daughter. As you guys know this week from the Coral the Drug-Sniffing Golden Retriever story I brought you, it doesn’t take many fentanyl pills to kill a small city.

• There’s great news out this week — cheese isn’t bad for you. Eat away. Yes, everything in moderation. I hear you, mother.

• If you’re wondering about the latest with $1,400 stimulus checks so you can blow it on a massive load of mulch, decorative rocks and flowers this spring, CNBC reports the latest plan is that married couples making up to $150,000 combined will get $2,800. Add in another $1,400 per dependent.

Famous sports quotes: “I’m gonna make sure you talk about me, and your grandkids and kids after that gonna know about me…your great-grandkids will say, ‘Wow, wasn’t that a bizarre individual?'” — Mike Tyson

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  1. Okay, for those who have never been to Ruby Falls, save your money and just watch a horse pissing on a flat rock, you get the same effect. Also, as a 60 year old man (ugh), Martha Stewart is hot!! Not as hot as Elizabeth Hurley but I think I have a better chance of ending up with Martha than the Fabulous Ms. Hurley. Of course, I have a better chance of winning the Powerball and Mega Millions each drawing for month than I do of actually encountering either of the ladies.

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