Martha Stewart Drinks A Margarita Out Of A Measuring Cup, Posts A ‘Thirst Trap’

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Martha Stewart had herself a week this week. The 81-year-old was spotted drinking a margarita out of a measuring cup one day, then dropping a thirst trap on Instagram like the top of the food chain alpha female that she is the next.

Martha appeared on a panel for Samsung’s Unbox & Discover event, alongside actress Rosario Dawson and football player Carl Nassib. A member of the audience took note of the measuring cup that she was drinking out of an assumed she was enjoying a margarita.

Martha Stewart Thirst Trap Margarita Measuring Cup
Martha Stewart drinking margaritas out of a measuring cup (Image Credit: Kate Kozuch/TikTok)

Reps confirmed that she was drinking one of her famous pomegranate Martha-ritas out of the measuring cup. Crushing margaritas out of a measuring cup in your own home is an awesome move. Doing it on stage at an event is on another level.

The drink wasn’t just there for show or as some sort of prop. Martha took a few hits off of it during the appearance.

Martha wasn’t finished having a week either. Most 81-year-olds are wiped out for a few days just a couple of episodes into a Law & Order marathon, not Martha Stewart.

She had another speaking engagement on the schedule. When that fell through she treated herself to a mani-pedi and a new hairdo. Then it was time, as she promised earlier this month, a thirst trap.

Using time wisely

“My flight to Chicago was cancelled today Chicago O’Hara was closed mid morning to all flights because of very bad weather,” the caption to Martha’s thirst trap reads.

“I missed my speaking engagement at a huge gathering hosted by @beckershealthcare. This is the very first time in my career that I missed a contracted appearance and I felt really disappointed. However I used the newly found time to get a manicure pedicure by Luda and a haircut by the maestro himself @johnbarrettnyc. The new do is refreshing and lovely! Thanks John!!!”

Martha isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. If anything, she might be turning things up a notch or two. She went topless for a coffee promo last year then came out firing this spring.

She promised more thirst traps and “good stuff” would be on the way. Martha didn’t stop there, she also decided it was time shoot her shot with Aaron Judge.

The summer of Martha Stewart is right around the corner. She’s going to be the baddest thirst trap dropping, margaritas out of a measuring cup sipping, 80-something-year-old out shooting her shot with superstar athletes, that’s ever existed.

Written by Sean Joseph

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