Martellus Bennett Is Throwing Around Big Accusations Against Green Bay, Also Calls Jimmy Garoppolo A ‘B***h’

Eccentric, unpredictable and a solid tight end during his time in the NFL, retired journeyman Martellus Bennett is back to deliver a flurry of insight on his time spent for the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots.

Bennett started his career with the Dallas Cowboys, spent a career-altering year for the New York Giants and was signed by the Chicago Bears, before heading to the Packers and Patriots.

As the Gruden email scandal lingers in its effect, Bennett is calling on the Green Bay Packers to unearth communications regarding his own departure from Wisconsin — first deemed an issue with providing substantial medical records. Bennett is speaking out, claiming that his exodus from Green Bay was not as advertised.

According to a Heavy report, Bennett’s account of getting waived by the team in 2017 — a year after he signed a three-year, $21 million deal — centered around pre-game political protests he made that sparked some conflict inside the organization.

Raising his fist during the National Anthem in the midst of Colin Kaepernick’s widespread influence on the discussion of race, Bennett attested to having his actions lead to death threats from the fan base. Stirring up the CheeseHeads, Bennett remained unapologetic regarding his protesting until the team decided to oust him — attempting to distance themselves from the fans’ backlash.

“Packers fans were sending hate mail and leaving death threats and other hateful messages on the team voicemail because I was protesting,” Bennett announced on Twitter. “It got so bad that Doug Collins, the head of team security, was worried something might happen to me in Wisconsin. Ask Doug Collins. Head of Packers security. Don’t believe the smear campaign the packers (sic) organized when they cut me.”

Bennett’s Twitter fingers aren’t the only thing putting him in the spotlight. Playing for the New England Patriots during an injury-ridden season for Tom Brady, Bennett recalls a QB battle in 2017 between Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett — granting favor to Brissett thanks to alleged diva behavior from Jimmy G.

“You can’t win with a b***h for a quarterback,” said Bennett, talking to Devin and Jason McCourty on the Double Coverage podcast. “He didn’t wanna come out and do anything because his agent was trying to protect his body or some s**t like that. … You should’ve made that decision on Thursday, not Sunday.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Bennett is a race hustling clown who holds up his fist to support the same street thugs who cause mayhem in the black community. America needs cops way more than we need the likes of Martellus Bennett. He could go somewhere else, but no other country would want him.

  2. ‘Cause he’s the ONLY African American Packer that season who protested during the National Anthem. The fans called about ONLY him.

    One thing to consider is the FACT that, after the Packers cut him loose, he signed with another team and only played two games. No other team has signed him since.

    If his release from the Packers wasn’t based on him hiding a physical condition as indicated by the team, why didn’t the NFLPA scream bloody murder in the media. It didn’t happen.

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