Marshon Lattimore Calls Out Justin Jefferson After Vikings WR Torches Saints DB, Posts Cold-Blooded ‘Step Over’ Photo To IG

Marshon Lattimore and Justin Jefferson have beef. If they didn’t before traveling to London last weekend, they do now.

On Sunday, as the Vikings squeaked out a three-point win over the Saints at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Jefferson had himself a day. Most of his production came against Lattimore.

The 23-year-old Minnesota wide receiver caught 10 passes for 147 yards in the game. 93 of those yards came on seven catches while lined up against the 26-year-old New Orleans cornerback.

Needless to say, Jefferson had Lattimore’s number from opening kickoff to final whistle. His best catch of the day came in the second quarter on an extremely athletic toe-tap.

Jefferson ran a wicked route that put Lattimore on skates, broke to the sideline, and hauled in the pass from Kirk Cousins. It was a nasty sequence.

Following the play, Jefferson can be seen talking his talk right in Lattimore’s direction. He had his number all day and didn’t stop exposing him.

After the game, Jefferson posted an ice-cold set of photos to Instagram. They showed him beat Lattimore and then step over the defensive back like Allen Iverson did to Tyronn Lue in 2001.

Needless to say, Marshon Lattimore did not Justin Jefferson’s post. At all.

In response to the direct disrespect, he commented back to Jefferson saying that he is going to “catch him.”

Marshon Lattimore calls out Justin Jefferson.

Clearly, Lattimore is not happy with Jefferson’s post. It was savage and it made him look terrible.

But with that being said, it is unclear as to what Lattimore means. Minnesota and New Orleans will not play again in the regular season. When is he going to “catch” Jefferson?

In the playoffs? The Saints are 1-3 and might not get there. On the streets? Seems illegal. Next year? Build a bridge and get over it.

Lattimore got got. End of story.

Written by Grayson Weir

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