Sen. Marsha Blackburn Talks to Clay Travis About NBA’s Relationship with China

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Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn joined Clay Travis this morning on Fox Sports Radio’s OutKick the Coverage to discuss the NBA’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and the upcoming Olympics.

After Senator Blackburn explained her letter to Adam Silver, asking about the NBA’s business ties with China, Clay said the NBA is taking money from “modern-day Nazis.”

“There is legitimately slave labor coming from Chinese camps where genocide is being propagated, leading to money for the NBA,” Clay responds. “It is downright stunning that no players, coaches, or executives are willing to address this.”

Here the full segment below:

And the podcast here:

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  1. It’s so sad that there is a literal genocide occurring in China to eliminate people of faith. There only sin is that they are different and there is no support coming from those that can make a difference. No voice from those who preach social justice. They are the real frauds.

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